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Pastor's Bio

My name is Karle Edward Griffith. I am currently serving as Pastor of the One Accord Independent Baptist Church. I accepted my call to the ministry in 1989 just two years after giving my heart to God. Growing up in the Saint Albans area much of my early years were spent in smaller country churches. It was in one of these churches, New Hope Baptist church that I began working with the youth. Five years after my calling at the age of nineteen I delivered my first message to the church. Since that time I have served as Youth Pastor and Pastor in several churches in the Saint Albans area and for six years in Raleigh and Greenbrier counties

I married my wife in 1999 and have two children, Kaitlyn in 2000 and Gabriel in 2003. We currently live in River Lake Estates in Saint Albans. I also work full time as a Business Manager for Pitt Ohio Ground in their Belle WV operation. In what little free time I have I coach Middle School girls softball and help with little league softball and baseball both as a coach and umpire. I have always enjoyed God's gift of the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, sports, 4 wheeler riding, or just a good walk are some of my favorite things

As pastor I pride myself in that One Accord is one of the most loving groups of people that I have ever had the pleasure of worshiping with. We are a very active church, helping each other and spending time at play, at praise, and service

Thank You
Rev. Karle E. Griffith
Pastor, One Accord Independent Baptist Church


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